Applied Biotechnology for Environmental Solutions

Advanced Microbial Services is a biotechnology company employing the natural abilities of microbes to consume or transform various chemical wastes which produce visual, operational or disposal problems. the most common biodegradable wastes are hydrocarbon sources such as fuel, oil and grease (F.O.G.) compounds, industrial waste solvents and coolants, and sludge.

Advanced Microbial Services is devoted to the cultivation of microbial products and services to provide environmental cleanup solutions.  We grow fresh batch cultures of our microbes to a viable cell concentration of not less than 2 billion cells per milliliter or 7.5 trillion per gallon and deliver straight from out lab to your location.

Contact us or call (800) 984-9961 to discuss how Advanced Microbial Services can provide environmental solutions for your company's clean-up needs.

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Advanced Microbial Services

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