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Paraffin, associated with the production of crude oil, can cause several production problems. These problems include plugging of production strings, flowlines, production equipment, excessive tank bottoms, mechanical issues and possible reduction of well productivity.

Paraffin skin damage can either be naturally occurring or man made due to repeated hot oil treatments. Naturally occurring paraffin is due to a formation temperature lower than the cloud point of the fluids produced. Paraffin created by hot oil/water treatments can cause damage due to heavier ends being pushed downhole and into the formation. Both types of damage reduce the effective permeability at or near the formation face.

Production increases are usually obtained in three ways:

  1. Since the microorganisms thrive at the oil/water or water/paraffin interface, they will naturally seek out paraffin skin damage and gradually degrade it. This eliminates the paraffin’s interference with the natural inflow fluids into the wellbore.
  2. Both the elimination of skin damage and paraffin accumulations serves to flatten the decline curve, thereby extending the well’s economic life.
  3. The reduction of paraffin buildup on rods and in production equipment reduces down time.

Utilizing hydrocarbon degrading microbes is an effective way to treat paraffin problems. Advanced Microbial Services’ process is effective because the problem is treated at is point of origin, reducing paraffin in the formation, wellbore and production equipment.

AMS introduces into the well a treatment of microbial mix with consists of AM-101, nutrients and lease water. The mix is displaced to the bottom of the well and once the microbes come into contact with the food source the microbial population begins to increase in numbers up to 500 times.

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Oil Spill Clean Up
Oil Spill Clean Up

  • The treatment only requires approximately 1 hour to perform.
  • The microbial mix is not damaging to the reservoir. Mechanical problems can be reduced.
  • No special plumbing of wellhead or production equipment is necessary.
  • Advanced Microbial Services’ treatment is inexpensive.
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