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Bio-SeptiClean is a blend of 29 naturally occurring microbes that have been selected for their ability to degrade: Fats, Oils, Protein, Starch, Carbohydrates, and Cellulose. The Bio-Septiclean can be added in the kitchen and bathroom sinks or directly into the septic tank. It will effectively regenerate the life of the septic drain field and reduce solids in the septic tank.

Drain Lines and Inflow Pipe
SeptiClean begins working immediately before it even enters the septic tank itself. Microbial treatments into drain lines help digest materials that coat the inner walls of piping to eliminate buildup that can lead to nasty clogs. The 22 different types of microorganisms in SeptiClean have been selected for their ability to degrade fats, oils, grease, cellulose and starchy compounds. Thus, they can effectively digest the constituents of normal household wastewater.

Outflow Pipe
SeptiClean doesn't stop working at the tank. Some of the microorganisms that grow in the septic tank will be carried out with clarified water through the outflow pipe and on to the drain field. Any excess solids or scum that gets carried out in conjunction will be degraded more effectively by the larger microbial population. Furthermore, these microorganisms are going to continue to work once the clarified water enters the drain field (soil that has been set aside to accept and filter water from septic tank) by "helping" microorganisms in the soil that already actively digest any remaining contaminants.

Scum Layer
The microorganisms in SeptiClean continue their job of degrading fats, oils and grease when they enter the scum layer of the septic tank. Effective control of the scum layer can go a long way in extending the life of the septic tank and drain field. Allowing an excess amount of 'greasy' material to enter the outflow pipe can easily cause backups. Worse yet, if the 'greasy' material clogs the pores of the pipes releasing water to the drain field, the system can "fail" resulting in continuous backups and very significant cost for a replacement.

Settled Solids
While some of the organisms in SeptiClean are working on the top (at the scum layer), some are working on the bottom where the heavy solids have settled. Since a most of the heavier solids in household wastewater are cellulose or starch based, the solids become a suitable food source for the microorganisms of SeptiClean.

Clarified Water
SeptiClean helps water clarification by improving settling characteristics of solids that tend to remain suspended. The microorganisms of SeptiClean create better flocculation of small particles that are not dense enough to settle. See the diagram to better understand flocculation.

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